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We Are All We Need Inc. is a Florida Based 501(c)(3)

 non-profit organization.


This non-profit organization was founded to support underprivileged and marginalized communities by upholding basic social rights, giving care, providing opportunities & support while coaching them to achieve their life potentials. 

Our goal is to assist those underserved and disadvantaged to navigate around life challenges by providing "A Village", assistance and solutions as it relates to advocacy, education, empowerment and sustenance. We execute our goals through various forms of educational programs, faith based teachings and trainings in various crafts and vocations.

We Are All We Need promises a long-term investment in the futures of the communities and members for whom we care for. We will also act as a community development center, training and employing community members while providing a focal point for community interaction and development via our flagship project - "The Village of Care." 




"The Universal belief of sharing that connects humanity" 


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CEO & Founder Kevin Warren

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