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The Village Network Of Care

To establish a wrap around system of care that supports the most at risk and underserved communities & populations battling the conditions and consequences of poverty.


LIFE Center 

A first of its kind CommUNITY incubator designed to provide a third party community advocate via a resource center focused on overall community health & re-engagement, reducing violent crimes & recidivism amongst juveniles by providing a Trauma Informed community incubator for community providers & families in The Village.


HRBII 2.0 

High risk Behavior Immediate Intervention

Providing a safe space, LIFEline of support & Needs Assessments to families & youth in adverse conditions & impoverished zip codes. HRBII 2.0 solution provides a LIFE coach, equitable access to new or existing programs & Mental Health resources at no cost to families in promise zones! This model provides trauma informed care & Social Emotional Learning resources & opportunities to communities, organizations & agencies through its relevant & culturally competent Village Providers.



Social Emotional Learning Rooted In Trauma Informed Care providing early mental health prevention & behavioral health services; aimed at encouraging active change through relational intervention & Motivational interviewing.


Our goal is to reduce violent incidences, recidivism rates and negative community engagement while building & supporting effective prevention & diversion programs..



To utilize the community, commercial & governmental service needs to leverage wage earning internship/skill development opportunities for the most at-risk youth in Promise Zone Communities. HRBII Villagers participating in the program will receive Social & Emotional Coaching & Development, Skill & Trade Development and Paid Internship Opportunities according to the following tiers. 



The collaborative efforts of We Are All We Need INC., the Small Business Development Center, and Envision Banking created a program that focuses on building healthy family dynamics through the creation of small businesses and as a result raise the median housing income of families within the Promise Zone areas 



Collecting quantitative & qualitative data from the social & emotional services provided by The Village System of Care (SOC) & provide statistical analysis of the datasets.


Measure the impact of Social & Emotional services provided by The Village SOC and its effect on improving communities by reducing truancy, violent incidents, recidivism rates, & negative community engagement(s). 


We seek to validate the Community Incubator Model & develop new assessment tools, targeted towards “Promise Zones” & communities that share similar characteristics; developing a framework & Standards for what social-emotional services should be implemented.

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